Hey, guys. I’d like to take a minute to get Serious.

This absolutely galls me to do, because I don’t have the best track record with asking for help, but the fact of the matter is: I need it. Due to the depression, anxiety, and stress I suffered (and am still suffering) last semester, I did very poorly academically. As a result, my college has elected to restrict my financial aid for the Fall 2013 semester, which is hopefully the last godforsaken semester I need in order to graduate. At this rate, I don’t care how or when I graduate; only that I do.

My family and myself are incredibly poor and have spent much of our lives with barely enough money to make ends meet; therefore, it is very important that I have some kind of financial aid for school, because it’s totally unaffordable without it. I have considered dropping out, but I’ve come too far and am in too much debt to simply jump ship without a degree. I’m waiting on a response from the financial aid office to see if we can work something out, but in the meantime, I need your help.

As a result, I have set up a donation button on my blog. If you can give something, that would be so, so, so incredibly helpful; if not, that’s totally okay. I understand tricky financial situations better than anyone. (The button will stay up for the foreseeable future; you may give at any time.) In addition, I’m in the process of setting up a printshop and am continuing to work on getting commissions out. When that batch is done, I’ll likely start another. Stay tuned for more details and links.

Thanks for taking the time to look over this; your help and support mean the world to me. 

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    Signal boost!!! You should donate, if you can, to Ari because she is a fabulous artist and all-around wonderful human...
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  29. abitnotgoodyeah said: it sickens me that they punish you like that for poor grades… as if taking away money that you need to live will improve your health and academic career. I hope you get some relief soon<3
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    Balphesian is an absolute sweetheart who does beautiful art and amazing meta. If you’re in the mood to donate, she’s...